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Note: only lists several events related to Mata Ortiz. For a more detailed list, please consult the Mata Ortiz Calendar

El Paso Museum of History presents Casas Grandes, Casas Chicas: Cottage Industries of Paquimé and Mata Ortiz, showing prehistoric Casas Grandes as the inspiration for several contemporary cottage industries consisting of ceramics, jewelry, and stonework. Prehistoric and contemporary examples in each category are shown, including among the latter Matiz jewelry, stonework by Raúl Mendoza, and a developmental sequence of Mata Ortiz pottery.

  • Dates: October 1 – March 2010
  • Admission = free
  • Phone = (915) 351-3588
  • Address = 510 N. Santa Fe, El Paso, TX 79901
  • e-mail:
  • Website:


Casa Azul presents a photography exhibition, Rarámuri: The Enduring Tarahumara Indians featuring images by John Running and Sue Bennett and new works by Raechel Running. These photosare shown for the first time since they were created in the early ‘80s and featured at the Heard Museum. The Casa Azul is also a point of interest. Little changed since 1850 and with many original furnishings, it has a large, semi-subterranean secret room built to hide women and children when the Apaches attacked. Raechel Running is currently Artist in Residence at the Casa Azul, Center for Casas Grandes Studies

  • Dates: Ongoing, open by appointment
  • Admission = free
  • Phone = (636) 117-2806
  • Address = 104 Calle Independencia, Casas Grandes, Chihuahua, Mexico
  • e-mail: rmr @
  • Website:


School of Performing Arts, State University of New York (SUNY) Geneseo presents a permanent exhibition of 130 pieces of Mata Ortiz pottery art from the private collection of musician Alan Case. The collection contains some earlier work but mainly pieces from the mid 1990's.

  • Dates: Ongoing
  • Admission: free
  • Phone: (585) 243-4616
  • Location: Brogie Hall, Geneso, New York
  • e-mail: case @


DRAGOON, AZ: Ongoing The Amerind Foundation installed in June, 2006 a permanent exhibit of prehistoric Paquimé ceramics juxtaposed with those of contemporary Mata Ortiz. In an unforgettable desert setting in Dragoon, Arizona 15 miles east of Benson, the Amerind offers two outstanding museums, one of anthropology and the other of fine art. In 1959-1962, the Amerind, under Dr. Charles C. DiPeso, led the excavations at Paquimé, and Dr. DiPeso was later the first major booster of the Mata Ortiz pottery project. , The Amerind Foundation, Dragoon AZ 85609.

  • Dates: Ongoing
  • Admission = free
  • Phone = (520) 586-3666
  • Address =
  • e-mail: ccharnley @
  • Website:


SAN DIEGO, CA: Mata Ortiz festival, pottery exhibits, demonstrations The Bazaar del Mundo will hold their annual Latin American Festival & Mata Ortiz Pottery Market, with several leading artists from Mata Ortiz, Chihuahua demonstrating and exhibiting their work accompanied by one or more noted Oaxaca wood carvers. The Festival presents each year one of the nation’s most extensive collections of folk art, traditional clothing and textiles, pottery, dazzling jewelry and colorful collectibles from Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Ecuador and Peru, enhanced by live traditional music and a Mexican food court.

  • Dates: July 30 - August 1, 2010
  • Phone: (619-296-3161)
  • Address: 4133 Taylor St., San Diego, CA 92110
  • e-mail: ccharnley @
  • Website:


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