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This page highlights a few of the hundreds of talented potters of Mata Ortiz. For a more complete listing of artists of Mata Ortiz, we invite you to consult "The Many Faces of Mata Ortiz."

Juan Quezada: The legend needs no introduction. Juan Quezada Celado is in many ways the Mata Ortiz/Casas Grandes art movement. Almost single-handedly, Juan explored and established the process of natural ceramic production. His pioneering efforts have literally made potting possible for all. Since those formative years in the early 70’s, Juan has gone on to perfect his painting technique. His style is tightly symmetrical, even beautifully minimalist. That refined simplicity captivates collectors and classifies Juan’s pieces as the most coveted art works of the community.

Felipe Andréw is known for his distinct ashen, graphite clay pots. He is pictured here finishing the firing of one of his smaller black pots. Felipe burnishes his pieces to a dark, hazy glaze and then completes them with green, slate and red geometric paintings.

Daniel Gonzalez is known for fish and animal decorated, bloated pots. Daniel works in many types of clays (cafe, black, white, etc.).

Félix Ortiz is one of the original and most influential potters of Mata Ortiz. His sin geometría technique rivals the classic, proportional designs of the Quezada tradition. His method is organic and free. He excels in graphite black and polychrome and designs mostly animal and effigy figures.

Gloria Hernandez and her husband are prolific and versatile artists. They constantly experiment with new mediums and forms, mimicking and improving upon others' work. Gloria's penchant for detailed, geometric designs is perfectly balanced by her more playful excursions into man and animal motifs. Much of Gloria's breathtaking work is done in red clays.

Elí Navarrete is famed as one of the best second generation potters of Mata Ortiz, Elí Navarette has taken color combinations and black graphite earthenware to new heights. His artistic ability belies his youthful experience. Nonetheless, his interlocking paintings displaying complex interweaves of animals and geometric shapes are some of the pueblo’s finest gems. His ability enthralls collectors and raises the standard for ceramics in the village.

Martín Cota, like Elí, Martín is a stellar young artist. His technique brilliantly marries the old and new. His keen imagination melds traditional Paquíme styles and animal effigies with avant-garde, nearly surreal, distortions of shape and line. His pieces are true works of art.



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