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The Mata Ortiz news page is part of the Mata Ortiz Calendar, which is maintained by Spencer MacCallum, and used here with his permission. Tito Carrillo (520-861-2068 TurtleWinsTheRace[at], of Tucson, is the editor fo this section. Kindly notify Tito or us when you learn of interesting things happening of a social nature in Mata Ortiz.

It is with a heavy heart that we report that Sherry and Dan Fannell are closing their Gypsy Gallery in Bent, New Mexico, along with their beautiful web site, which has been an inspiration and a standard for aficionados of Mata Ortiz. Before the web site comes down, we urge you to see it: Sherry suffers from a bone cancer that so far has not responded to treatment. She says Mata Ortiz “has been one of the greatest experiences of my life; I loved it, just loved it.” Contact information for Sherry and Dan is available under “Gypsy Gallery” in the section “Web Sites.”

PBS Frontline/World on May 24th ran an upbeat program entitled, “The Ballad of Juan Quezada” (see a description under “Publications”).

We’re all glad to hear that Nicolás Quezada is recovering well from five surgeries in Chihuahua City that saved his left leg following diabetes complications.

On April 24, Pat and Joe Campbell hosted their second annual Wine Tasting for Mata at their home in Tucson. The event featured new wines from their Elk Cove Vineyards (, Gaston, Oregon. Admission was one or more children's books in Spanish for the Mata Ortiz Library or $10 minimum donation to the Mata Ortiz Foundation. More than a hundred people attended. Ron and Sue Bridgemon sold a few pots, donating all proceeds over cost, and talked about Mata Ortiz--a subject new to most of the attendees. The event brought 192 books for the library and $2,160 for the Foundation. Plans are in the making for next year.

Dick and Norma Bell, of Kewaunee, Wisconsin, who have hosted Mata Ortiz potters at their Barnsite Art Studio & Gallery, opened a full academy of arts, the Kewaunee Academy of Fine Arts, in January. Presently at capacity with twelve students, they are approved by the Art Renewal Center ( We wish them the best!

Luci Mora and Lorenzo (“Lencho”) Bugarini, of Barrio Porvenir, baptized a baby girl, Belem Bugarini Mora, at the church in Mata Ortiz. Following the baptism, they held a memorable celebration at home for all of their friends. This was a particularly welcome event in Luci and Lencho’s life, since for many years they had wanted a baby but had concluded that they would never be blessed that way.


Previous News

The beautiful new gallery built in Juan Quezada's house by son Noé is completed and open to the public. It's being run by Oscar Trevizo, the husband of Noé and Betty's daughter, Guillita.

Margi Robison, Albuquerque, has bought a lot in Casas Grandes with the help of Gerardo Tena and is making plans to build a home there for her retirement in two years.

Christine S. VanPool has received her doctorate from the University of New Mexico for her definitive study of Casas Grandes symbolism as mainly shown in its ceramics (see "New Publications" under Anthropology Notes, above, page 22).

A new priest, Father Raúl Gelasio, has been assigned to Mata Ortiz and has made a good impression on everyone. Among other projects in the village, he looks forward to renovating the church in Barrio Porvenir.


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