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Mata Ortiz Pottery
by David George Lucas
This interactive CD conveys a feeling for the village of Mata Ortiz and explains the distinctive approach of the Mata Ortiz artists to making, painting and firing pottery. Especially appropriate for art education programs.
Windows/Macintosh compatible
$19.95 (plus $3 shipping) available at

Mata Ortiz Now
by Bill Gilbert
This educational video documentary was made especially for ceramic programs and museum exhibitions. Rich, beautiful and informative, it focuses on how pottery making spread out from Juan Quezada to the rest of the village and how different families developed their own recognizable styles. Besides excellent footage of every aspect of the pottery process, it includes interviews with many of the artists in which they discuss their current style and its relationship to the prehistoric style of Casas Grandes. Featured artists include Juan Quezada, Nicolás Quezada, Lydia Quezada, Reynaldo Quezada, Macario Ortiz, Eduardo Ortiz, Nicolás Ortiz and Hortencia Ortega, Hector Gallegos and Graciela Martínez, Roberto Banuelos & María de los Angeles López, Humberto Ponce and Blanca Almeida, César Domínguez and Gabriela Almeida, Damian Quezada and Elvira Antillon, Eli Navarrete, Leonel López, Martín Cota, Manuel Rodríguez, Andrés Villalba. Running time 27 minutes.
$30 (plus shipping) available at

The Potters of Mata Ortiz
by Barbara Goffin
This informative DVD was created by a professional potter who lived near Mata Ortiz. Goffin narrates the process of pottery making in Mata Ortiz. This video has a good focus on pottery technique.
$35 (plus shipping)
To order, contact Barbara Goffin at (310) 450 1246 or via e-mail at

Mata Ortiz Pottery: An Inside Look
by Ron Goebel
This video romanticizes the subject matter by including Flamenco dancing (even though a Spanish dance would not typically be seen in Mexico). Still, this video is interesting and informative. Juan Quezada and other artists comment on their art and on life in Mata Ortiz. Reviewed in Ceramics Monthly, Jan 1998. Running time 35 minutes.
$29.95 (plus shipping)
Ron Goebel & Nancy Andrews (Voice/Fax 805-995-2742), 772 South Ocean, Cayucos CA 93430.

Juan Quezada
by William Price
This is a uniquely interesting record of Juan Quezada’s early method of pottery making (painting when the clay is wet), this documentary is intended for schools but has much broader appeal. Available in English, Spanish or Japanese. Reviewed in Ceramics Monthly in September 2000 and in kerameiki techni (The International Ceramic Art Review) in March 2001.
$30 (plus shipping)
Bill Price (818-753-3856), La Luz Productions, Inc., 6210 Simpson Av, North Hollywood CA 91606

Clay Artists of Mata Ortiz
A good 30-minute video documentary of the Mata Ortiz art phenomenon, showing village and family life and techniques of the potters. Aired in February 2001 as an episode (Program #1103) in "The Desert Speaks" series produced by KUAT-TV, Tucson,AZ, in cooperation with the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum and the Arizona chapter of the Nature Conservancy. The episode may be picked up at any time by other PBS stations throughout the country, but not even the producer knows in advance when or where. The only advice is to be alert and watch local listings to see if it shows up in your area (you could also contact your local station, promote the episode and ask if and when they will air it). The video can be purchased from KUAT-TV, in Tucson for $18.95 postpaid by calling the station at 800-841-5923.



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