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Wholesale Pottery

wholesale pottery Welcome to the wholesale pottery gallery. This page shows examples of pottery that is available for wholesale purchase from Mata Ortiz, Mexico. While does not sell pottery directly, you can find wholesale potters by clicking on the links to the right. You can also find pottery by traveling to the village.


Pottery Display Rings
Mini Pots
Black Pots
White Pots
pot rings
mini pots
wholesale pottery
wholesale pottery
Description Round clay display rings for all small to medium-large pottery. Very small finger pots with paintings Burnished pottery with green and red traditional paintings White and cafe pots with traditional red and black paintings.
Color Black
Cafe Black White and Cafe
Approximate Size 3" x 1" Very Small (2" x 2") Medium (5" x 5") Medium (5" x 5")
Approximate Price to Expect $75 (25 rings)
$150 (50 rings)
$75 (25 pots)
$150 (50 pots)
$875 (25 pots)
$1530 (50 pots)
$1000 (25 pots)
$1800 (50 pots)




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